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Safety clothings, footwear, gloves, helmets, visors,eyewear, ear protection to ensure, in total autonomy of movement, the right prevention of accidents at work. The products comply with current labor law provisions, are comfortable and meet the needs of workers.



Proper quality /price balance, a highly competitive factor to meet customer expectations. Customized designs to make the work environment more and more productive while trying to respect the person's psycho-physical well-being. The search for effective solutions has led Gamma Safety to the design and realization of functional office furniture, comfortable and durable.



Always careful of the quality and versatility of the products offered, Gamma Safety, offers a rich catalog of gadgets and gift items through which the company is proposing to communicate effectively and lastingly over time. Pens, bags, calculators, watches , organizer, accessories for the person such as scarves, jerseys or jackets, audio and video accessories are just some of the products the company proposes.

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